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Thursday, September 11, 2014

You call that news: news priorities

IFLOBS was originally intended to be oriented to news analysis... which it is sometimes.  But I have a lot of other stuff on here too.  Pretty soon I will start a new site dedicated for this purpose... but for now I will but this short post up here.

I get very frustrated with news these days- especially online news.  Priorities are mixed up and articles will change as time passes.  To the latter this is where print news is still more "reliable" and accountable.  If a newspaper gets something wrong they cannot change the printed version... they cannot take it from you and give you an updated copy.  They are on the record, any errors are preserved... not the case with internet outlet.  But this post addresses the greater former, that is- priorities.

On the day of the 9/11 anniversary, and in the midst of what I will call another "war" in the Middle East- lets see who has their priorities straight...

This is how they stack up:

1. CNN.  They cannot resist making the Pistorius trial their top priority.  9/11 is nowhere to be found in the shot.  No wonder their ratings are down.  There is also information that they are laying people off, however I have not been able to find it from a source that is completely reliable.

2. MSNBC.  A much better job done here... making the war top priority, 9/11 the second and they leave the trial below the two.

3. FOX. They focus on the situation with ISIS (ISIL) situation in the Middle East... but have no room for 9/11 considering the same amount of "real estate."  I wonder why.

4. BBC.  These folks are usually pretty good.  But they can't resist the trial either- they dedicate their headline to it.  9/11 is mentioned directly, and the situation involving ISIS is indirectly highlighted only referring to a speech by Obama.

Who cares about the trial?  Well apparently people do.  I will let you take this in and make your own judgments and takeaways.

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