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Sunday, January 20, 2013

On YouTube, Which religion do we promote in the classroom? "Creationist Senator insults Nobel laureates with "little letters behind their names""

Aside from the condescending tone of the interrigator, which is later thorough and dramatically called out- it is important to note the change in question and the synonymous use of "teaching" a "promotion," as well as "religion" and "religious beliefs."

Consider this exchange:

Q: 0,22- Do you support a law that prohibits the teaching of religion in the classroom?
A: 0,25- Not in classes like english or history..
Q: 0,30- So you support the promotion of religion in an english class?

There is big difference between promoting a religion and teaching a religion.  They are not the same thing.  Perhaps we can really mince words but perhaps what I think of as "teaching" of religion is really "teaching about" religion.  It is fair to say this is what the questioner would like us to think as she certainly could not say- well wait... she did say "promote" religion.

We can teach about religion and the bible in the classroom.  We can talk about them in humanities and even pshychology classes.  But we cannot promote a religion in school.  How would we pick which one to promote?  If you think the answer is obvious you must think it is your religion and have no respect for the fact that there are other people who believe differently.

The video features Zack Kopplin on the left, you can read more about him here.  I don't know exactly who the other two people are.  I wish when someone posted raw material like this they would put a summary of the characters and setting etc.  It is an intereting two minutes, thirty-two.

Here is a link to the video:

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