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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

On YouTube: The Gay Debate: The Bible and Homosexuality

This is a refreshing piece to listen to no matter which side of the issue you are on.  It is refreshing in the sense that it is well researched, addresses and raises points in a methodical way.  Some of the things that are brought up about the Bible are very interesting.  I am no biblical expert, but the depth at which Mr. Vines goes into various facets is incredible.

This is educational for anyone.

Please watch and comment.


  1. Yes, it's well presented. It's a great discussion topic for a site like yours too, because it raises the issues of analysis and critical thinking. The video gives you a sense that you are hearing both sides of the story, because not only does the presenter give you his interpretation, but every now and again he also gives you the "traditional interpretation". But the reality is that he spends very little time detailing why the traditional interpretation may be valid, and with no spokesperson present to represent the traditional interpretation, the viewer is really only given one view on the 'debate'. A quick Google finds that there are many critiques of this video online, which allege many flaws in his theology and an inclination to ignore key facts that are inconvenient to his case.

    1. Thank you very much for your comment. I will note that I did not make any statements suggesting total accuracy of the presentation, and I will point out that I was only highlighting its merit as a well made piece. Since I was not offering the material in this manner, I have not fact-checked it. Frankly I do not think it lends itself to much fact-checking as it is offered more as a point in a debate and done so with blatant expression of personal interest. Also as a point in a debate he is not obligated to argue for the other side, and I don't think you can claim that that is not thoroughly represented particularly in the mainstream media.

      Though impressed with this presentation, and candidly being in favor of gay rights, I have always been frustrated by one facet of this video- that by arguing through the content of the bible it works to add merit to that book- a book that beyond its longevity deserves very little to none.

      That set aside it is unfortunate that you have not taken this opportunity to offer anything more than to point out that others have made "allegations" regarding his theology. I don't believe theology is a science, and it seems most of his arguments rest in anthropology. I am not interested in debating the bible, but please feel free to provide referenced points proving his arguments, particularly those resting in anthropology as being flawed.