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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Letter to Rep. José Serrano [D-NY15]: Respectfully, a response requested regarding resolution introduced. (H.J.Res. 15)

Subject: Respectfully, a response requested regarding resolution introduced. (H.J.Res. 15)

Mr. Serrano,

I would first like to thank you for your service and taking the time to read my message.

If I may start with one suggestion.  Consistent with many members of our legislative branch you have a mechanism that discourages people outside of your jurisdiction from writing you.  I have always found this very frustrating, and felt that it discourages participation in the system which is something that there is a disappointing level of- particularly with respect to the individual citizen.  I had the opportunity to write and was subsequently invited to meet with a very senior member who was not even in my state.  The fact that I could not only communicate but was invited to speak with him was very encouraging.

My question is regarding H.J.Res. 15.  This is documented in the following link as "Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal the twenty-second article of amendment."   There is little information there about the actual content of the resolution.  I tried to find more information on the House website ( and all I could find using the bill search was pertaining to a resolution of the same number from 2011 from the 112th (the second link from the Library of Congress).

I would very much like you to clarify the nature of this resolution if it does indeed exist, either in the form of a simple response by you or one of your agents, and/or the actual text of the resolution.

This may sound like a request from a very simple and untrained person.  However most people like myself are untrained and simple (with respect to navigating the legislative process), and I consider myself a fairly intelligent and savvy individual and have found the House website difficult to use or incomplete.

If you are wondering what my motives are for sending you this note they are: curiosity, becoming more thoroughly informed, better informing others, and learning the facts about a resolution that concerns me with the information I have at this point.  You should be aware that this is becoming a phenomenon on the internet with an disturbing twist.

Nicholas L. Birke

(this letter is considered open)

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