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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gun control: a pointless debate

I like to try to take time to explain things rather thoroughly... but I want to make a point with brevity- gun control is basically a pointless debate.  Much worse it is a wedge issue that we a citizens who have a limited amount of energy to spend on politics- waste that too much of that energy on!  I will get into the wedge issue aspect more thoroughly in the near future... but for now please consider:

If you are against gun control:

  1. No one is going to come and take your guns away.  This is nonsense.
  2. You can argue that the second amendment was a mechanism to ensure that the citizens of the country could defend themselves against an oppressive government- even their own.  And I agree.  But no gun, machine gun, handgun, or "assault weapon" etc is going to be any match for tanks, planes, or the armored vehicles that you would need to defeat in a conventional operation to defend against oppression.
  3. The government doesn't need to take your guns away.  You will always be able to hunt and defend your property.  They are just fine with you having them- because they have tanks, planes, etc.
  4. You may want to spend more of your time learning how to shut down government communications etc should the government ever turn tyrannical.  This is the only way a modern revolution will be achieved.  You probably have a lot of homework to do.  Disclaimer: I am not offering a plan or to planning to overthrow the U.S. government- dear feds, please don't come get me.
If you are for gun control:
  1. You are never going to get rid of all the guns and more importantly you are never going to stop bad things- tragic events similar to those of late from happening.  This is nonsense.
  2. Please focus your energy on the finding the real causes of these events- look for and treat the disease not the symptom.  (This should really apply to everyone)
  3. If you think gun control will work.  Please consider the war on drugs.  All these illegal drugs- and they are still readily in the hands of criminals and regular people.
This not an attack on anyone.  And I know not everyone falls into these two categories so easily.  The point is a new discussion needs to start, and there are many many pressing issues in this country that we should all be focusing our energy on- please read the bill of rights and reconsider which of these are really being taken away right now- it should be shocking to everyone!  Hint hint- patriot act.

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