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Sunday, January 6, 2013

From the Vine: Police: Man kills grandmother over what to watch on TV

When reading articles on you can comment on them though something called newsvine.  This seems to be some service they have attached to their site or it may just be something developed my nbcnews- I don't know, I don't think it really matters.

I really don't want to open a can of worms but if you are going to start making conclusions based on the fact that nbcnews is something I read and in this sense participate in, I will just say that I try to do the same thing with foxnews, but they do not allow commenting on their articles.  I really wonder why that is (honestly I wonder why).

Sometimes this forum (newsvine) is a good place to see some interesting thoughts and comments on the news from others.  Often it digresses quickly into some canned and partisan or what I would call childish or even barbaric responses from people.

I thought I would share a response of mine here.  I will also include a link to the article, my comment etc.

The Original Article: Police: Man kills grandmother over what to watch on TV

My primary comment on the article at this time.

Content of my post:

Once again we have an incident that doesn't make sense. Many of the responses are as usual- lacking any thought or reason. People are calling him a mooch, saying he should have been looking for work, etc. Some comments even strike at a whole generation. 
Why can't people stop and think about what the situation may be? Maybe he has been living with his Grandma nearly all of his life because of some tragic event with his parents. Maybe he is a bit messed up not having a normal family. Everyone goes on about how the best way to raise kids is with a mom and a dad (to all of you who think this I submit that you strongly lobby for a law that allows the government to assign suitable parents to any child being raised by a single-mom or any other situation outside your ideal). People say he was lazy and all this other stuff-- he was 25... don't you know you need a masters degree to be a cashier these days? 
The bottom line is you don't know the whole story. Something really bad happened again. Why not take it as an opportunity to more thoroughly ponder "what is (has gone/is going) wrong with this country" and "what is wrong with this generation." I would offer a couple notions: 1. Think about a society where a good percentage of the population needs mental health prescriptions. 2. Think about a society where something tragic happens and people offer a simplistic response like "well he can rot in jail now, good" or "someone should smack him around," and this makes them feel fulfilled or at least satisfied that the problem has been sufficiently dealt with.

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