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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wiki of the day, Happy Thanksgiving and National Holidays

Article of the day: Public holidays in the United States

Happy Thanksgiving.

I have heard people say and post on Facebook how they wish it was like the good 'ole days when things were closed on holidays.  They even complain about greedy corporations.  I think most of these people are those who "support good 'ole American capitalism" too.  That is a bit of a paradox.

The thing is- if you want companies closed on the holidays- then we need "national holidays," or days where workers are guaranteed a day off.  This would require that the government be involved... and would make us "a little bit more like Europe."

So take your pick... government hands out of corporations... or real observance of holidays.

I think this serves as a perfect example, that can lead everyone can agree on- corporations are not people (or if they are, they are very mean greedy people) and that government should have some role in our lives.

See how America Stacks up here:  The Only Advanced Country Without a National Vacation Policy? It's the U.S.

Seriously this is NOT PARTISAN... is this something we are proud of?  The point is not to speak badly of our country... but to point out something that can be changed for the better!

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