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Sunday, November 18, 2012

THOUGHT: Healthcare and "personal responsibility"

Who should pay for healthcare?  This is a question everyone should seriously contemplate.

Consider the following position: Obama-care is will make companies go out of business by forcing them to "provide" healthcare.

One who holds this position must be just fine with companies not providing healthcare then.  That is just fine by me.  But the problem is, and many of us face this issue right now- who pays for healthcare then?  The individual or the government (by pooling our resources?)  (Someone has to pay right?)

Seriously I am not taking any side here, I would like to know- if you don't support nationalized (government) controlled healthcare, and you don't like obama-care (healthcare forcefully delivered in the current system)- what do you support?... each of us negotiating in the current system to obtain healthcare?  Just let the free market run it's course?

Consider this scenario- you have to go to the hospital for two days with no health insurance.

  • Ambulance ~$1000
  • Hospital Doctor ~$1000
  • Hospital Charges (room and board, lab, xray, standard diagnostics) ~$6000
That is about $8000 for two days in the hospital.  I was looking at quotes to buy healthcare recently- it was about $500/mo or $6000 a year for a policy that still had deductibles and limits etc.  Can you afford that?

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