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Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Mainstream Media, November 17, 2012

   There is a lot of value in capturing what the news looks like on the internet.  It is dynamic and always changing.   All these captures were taken within a minute or two.  Notice I was searching for Afghanistan in each one.. it was not to be found.  We are still at war, there is this ominous issue of the fiscal cliff  (a term that is misleading in my opinion)...

   My theory is that by breaking down these headlines and highlights at one given random time- much deeper analysis and more interesting points can be discovered... I intend to demonstrate this...

Let's see what the main headlines are...

Headline with most real estate in bold.


  1. Israel mobilizing troops for 'possible invasion of Gaza'
  2. Opinion: Congress to Protestant
  1. The Benghazi Question: Who Changed Petraeus Memo?
  2. Strong Suspicions: Watchdog Says Iran Still Building Nuclear Weapon
  3. Shooting Foiled: Missouri Man Accused In Movie Theater Gun Plot
  4. Twinkies Dead: Union's Stubborn Stand Kills Hostess; 18,500 Jobs
  1. How Israel's 'Iron Dome' intercepts rockets
  2. Broadwell, Kelley visited White House multiple times
  3. Blast from torch rips Gulf oil rig, injuring 11; 2 workers missing
  4. Gen Xers fear they will never catch up as economy mends
  1. Israel air strikes hit Hamas HQ
  2. Iran ready to 'double enrichment'

   Again the goal here is to analyze the news and not take a side of one source or another... I will point out what I observe and follow up in the coming days... (these observations focus on what I am calling "highlighted news" based on page real estate)  NOTE: These observations are made in the context of these screen-captures.

  • Israel is the topic of most attention.  I say this based not only on total area, but it is also highlighted by 3/4 sites.
  • The Petraeus controversy is highlighted by 2/4 sites: Fox and NBC.  Fox ties it to the Benghazi incident- this is interesting and I will be sure to give this a closer look.  I expected when I took these shots that the Petrareus issue would be the winner- it is not it is Israel.
  • Iran comes in third.
  • The "fiscal cliff" is not highlighted.
  • Afghanistan is not found.

   Outlet Expectations: (keeping bias and good reporting in mind)

  • CNN- had an opinion piece as it's highlight.  A news organization the caliber of CNN use its space better.
  • FOX - The demise of the Twinkie is something that has been in the news and on social media.  It is interesting to attach that to union activity.  FOX has a "conservative" reputation and as such this deserves more scrutiny.  Again FOX is also alone (in this context) in attaching the Petraeus issue to Benghazi... it is interesting... it may be an opportunity to learn something new.
  • NBC or MSNBC - Considered liberal leaning, the Petraeus issue is still mentioned- and not with a liberal bias- the headline referring to multiple visits to the White House does not seem biased on its face (if anything it sounds bad for the left).  MSNBC is the only one to highlight the oil rig blast, good to see someone has that in.
  • BBC - Highlights two major world issues as expected.  In fact though it may be significant (so far it is just a sex-scandal for me) BBC did not mention "Petraeus" on their page at this time.

    MORE SOON...

Screen Captures were between 0035-0040 (GMT-5) (US EST)





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