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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Some things I want to say about this "blog..."

First of all it is not a blog in the classic sense of what is understood to be a blog.  I am using the blogging platform as a way to offer what at times are in-depth analyses of topics-of-interest.

Everyone can read this content.  Anyone can comment on the content.  All comments are moderated for this reason.  All comments will either be posted as-is... or they will be re-posted by me in their entirety in yet-to-be-established manner with an explanation as to why they were subject to this minimal level of censorship.  There is an exception I suppose- completely thoughtless ranting submissions may be ignored.

I should also say very quickly that edits to entries will be minor (grammar, arrangement etc), and in the case that they are not it will be clearly indicated.  One of the main points this forum is to offer a steady presentation which I feel is contrary to many other sources (entries will not sneakily change or disappear- I will stand on them for better or worse).

I am very passionate about the content of this forum.  I am open to any suggestions and levels of participation.  If you would like to participate in any way, or have ideas for improvement: please I want to hear them!

The intention of this forum is to have readers think about topics in new ways and expose new ideas about them, inspire a richer conversation in society, and raise the readers awareness of subtle issues with the dominant mechanisms for delivering information.

The blog is hosted on as "insightfulobservations."  For easy use and propagation I have attached it to IFLOBS.COM.

That's all for now.  I hope you the content worth while!

email me here  (this may not work until 11/15/2012)

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