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Monday, June 11, 2012

Why do we call it flip-flopping... I would rather call it "adapting to a changing situation"

This is my first entry in this blog.  I used to have a website call for pointing some of these things out.  Well, that site was more for exposing the fluid news stories as they exist on the internet... some of them just disappear... I will point that out in entries in this blog.

So on to something I have been wanting to get out there for some time now... it is very frustrating to see people accuse so many "politicians" of "flip-flopping."  Now contrary to the title of this post I know why this term is used... as far as I know it was coined in the 2004 election to describe Kerry... and that was a particularly bad example the whole "I was for it before I was against it" was taken completely out of context.

Now President Obama's recent remarks on the economy discussed in this article .  The article itself does not use the term "flip-flop" but it does allude to how others have called him out of touch essentially because he changed his position. The comments (many collapsed) which the link takes you to (you can scroll up for the article) do call this a flip-flop.  Many politicians have faced this whenever they change their position on something or their assessment of something...

I have one simple thing that I think people need to think about... and that is... would you rather have leaders that disregard a fluid reality and keep one rigid position... perhaps one they took years ago... or leaders who acknowledge "the present" and adjust accordingly.  People said the same thing about Obama when he recently came out in support of gay marriage.  His predecessor Mr. Bush said he didn't pay attention to polls, and that he just went with his gut.  Well... personally I think polls do matter, and I think leaders should pay attention to them and adjust their positions and policies based at least in part in consideration of them.

More to come.

ADDENDUM ON 6/13/2012:

As I mentioned I had at one time a sort of site to offer commentary/observations of news artifacts online.  In this blog I will not limit my entries simply to current affairs... but other topics as well.  I mentioned the fluid nature of online content... it changes... it disappears... unlike print-medium references.  To compensate for this I save web pages at the time I initially comment on them.  Should the above link fail to work or change... I am storing a copy for archival purposes.  You can see this here: original article as a static .htm file. This may appear quirky due to the method by which it was saved, but archiving the basic, original transcript is the goal, and it should be sufficient.

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